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Coffee for French Press, Cafetiere 

Is coffee from a French press good?

Is coffee and French press a good match? Absolutely! A French Press brews the coffee grounds, resulting in a cup that is rich and flavorful. The coarser grind used in French press brewing allows for a stronger and more pronounced taste as compared to methods like drip or espresso.

What coffee is best for French press, cafetiere?

Now, onto the question of what coffee is best for French press. The key here is to choose a coffee with a bold and intense flavor profile. Look for coffee beans that are medium to dark roasted, as these roasts tend to bring out the natural oils and flavors of the coffee. Single-origin coffees from regions like Brazil, Colombia, or Ethiopia are often a great choice, as they offer unique and distinct taste profiles that can make your French press experience truly exceptional.

What grind is good for French press?

When it comes to coffee grounds for French press, it's crucial to use a coarse grind. The coarser the grind, the easier it is for the water to extract the flavors without over-extracting bitterness. The ideal size should be similar to kosher salt or breadcrumbs. Grinding your coffee beans at home just before brewing will ensure maximum freshness and flavor.

Can you use any coffee for French press?

But can you use any coffee for French press? While it may be possible to use any coffee, it's important to note that not all coffees are created equal in terms of flavor and suitability for French press brewing. For the best results, opt for high-quality, specialty grade coffee beans that are specifically labeled as suitable for French press brewing. This ensures that the flavor notes of the coffee beans are optimized for this brewing method.

How much coffee should I use for my French press, cafetiere?

Finally, let's talk about the golden ratio of coffee to water for French press brewing. The general guideline is to use one part coffee to 15 parts water. This means if you have a 32-ounce French press, you will need approximately 2.1 ounces of coffee (about 8 tablespoons). However, you can adjust this ratio according to your personal taste preferences. Remember, experimentation is key in finding the perfect balance of strength and flavor that suits your palate.


Coffee for French press brewing offers a unique and satisfying experience for coffee enthusiasts. To make the most of this method, choose a coffee with a bold flavor profile, opt for a coarse grind, select high-quality beans specifically labelled for French press brewing, and measure the coffee-to-water ratio according to your taste preferences.

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