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Speciality Coffee Collection

What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee is being professionally cupped by the SCA specialty coffee association judges, typically a coffee that scores over 84 points is considered specialty coffee, and a coffee that scores over 90 is very rare.

Usually specialty coffees are very fruity and rich in taste, undergoing many process such as sun drying, fermentation, Anaerobic fermentation and so on...


What is the difference between specialty coffee and normal coffee?

There are a few obvious differences, the level of care and work that coffee receives in general is enormous, and the specialty coffee is even harder to produce, therefore the big difference in price, and the intense amazing flavours you get with the specialty coffee.

If you order specialty coffee to an address in Jerusalem, delivery is expected within three days and is free for orders above 100₪ (additional 30₪ for orders below 100₪).
Deliveries outside of Jerusalem may take up to 15 days. Orders above 100₪ are free (additional 20₪ for orders below 100₪).
Express post deliveries are expected to arrive within a week and are charged 49₪.

Learn more about specialty coffee on our blog: Specialty Coffee: Worth it or Not?

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