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Different Types of Coffee Beans

Popular types of coffee beans that you can find on our website

Ethiopia-Sidamo coffee

Arabica Beans

Guatemalan Light Roast Coffee

Light Roast

Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga coffee

Speciality Coffee

French Roast Dark Coffee

Dark Roast

San Jose Blend Coffee

Blends Coffee

Unroasted Brazil Cerrado Green Coffee Beans

Green Coffee Beans

Different Types of Coffee Beans in our shop

Arabica beans are considered to be of higher quality than Robusta beans, and make up about 60% of the coffee beans used for commercial production. Due to their growing at a higher altitude, the arabica beans are usually milder and sweeter, and have a higher acidity and complexity than Robusta beans. Thanks to their complex flavors, they make great light and medium coffees!


Robusta beans, on the other hand, are more affordable and make up about 40% of coffee beans used for commercial production. Robusta beans have a stronger bitter flavor, a higher caffeine content, and more crema. These beans are perfect for dark roasts and espresso blends.

Different types of coffee roasting


Our Medium Roast is the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. This roast is characterized by a brown color and a mild, bright flavor. It has a smooth body and a light aroma, making it a great all-rounder for any coffee lover. Our Medium Roast is perfect for those who want to enjoy the full flavor of the bean without the bitterness of a darker roast. Enjoy the unique flavor profile of this roast with every cup!


Our light roast coffee beans are roasted at a lower temperature, producing a gentle flavor and a high level of acidity. The light roast is a great choice for those who don't like the bold, smoky flavors associated with darker roasts and want to feel more fruitiness in their coffee. Our light roast coffee beans are sure to make your morning cup of joe the perfect pick-me-up.


Our Dark Roast coffee beans are roasted on a higher temperature, bringing out the deep, rich flavor of the beans. The dark roast process gives the beans a darker color and bolder taste, with a smoky  flavor and aroma. Our dark roast beans are perfect for those who like a strong, intense cup of coffee. They are especially recommended for French Press or filter coffee, or any kind of brewing method. Enjoy the robust flavor of our dark roast beans!


For those who want to take part in the roasting process of their own coffee, choose our green coffee beans. It is unroasted, allowing you to choose the level of roasting, and play around with the different roasts to catch the flavor and aroma you want in your coffee.

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