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Dark Roast Coffee Collection

What is dark roast coffee?

Dark roast coffee beans stay on the roasting machine for longer and at a higher temperature than medium roasted beans. To be considered dark, beans need to be roasted to a temperature higher than 220 degrees (but not much hotter than 240 degrees), which is the end of the second crack.

Is a dark roast coffee stronger?

Some coffee drinkers think dark roasts are stronger and have more caffeine kick than light roasts. The truth, however, is that caffeine content remains pretty much the same during each stage of the roasting process. The difference between roasts is taste, and the coffee being more porous, letting more water come in contact with the bean and extracting more caffeine out.

How to choose dark roast coffee?

Dark roast coffee has a strong body and flavor, but different coffees will give you different experiences. Our Mexican dark roast coffee is a decaffeinated coffee. You can enjoy its taste at any time of the day. Dark roast Kilimanjaro coffee is recommended for making cold brew. Our French Roast is one of our strongest coffee - you can find it in our Italian Espresso blend.

Dark roasted coffee - buy in Jerusalem

To buy dark roasted coffee, just choose the variety that suits you. Go to the coffee page and select "dark roast" in the parameters. Once payment has been made, the coffee will be packaged and sent to you.

If you order dark roast coffee to an address in Jerusalem, delivery is expected within three days and is free for orders above 100₪ (additional 30₪ for orders below 100₪).
Deliveries outside of Jerusalem may take up to 15 days. Orders above 100₪ are free (additional 20₪ for orders below 100₪).
Express post deliveries are expected to arrive within a week and are charged 49₪.

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