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Light Roast Coffee Collection

What is Light Roast Coffee?

Light roast coffee beans are those that spend least time in the roaster. Light Roast coffees are characterized by their light brown color, lack of oil on the beans, and light body (or viscosity). These beans are allowed to reach a temperature of about 160-170. When roasting, beans typically pop at around 180c.

Which is better dark roast or light roast coffee?

Light roasts tend to have more delicate yet complex flavor profiles, and acidity than dark roasts. Dark roasts tend to have deep and smokey flavors due to some of the initial flavors of the beans being changed during the roasting process. Dark roast is sometimes described as tasting more bitter and stronger, while light roast tends to be more mild and fruity.

Light roast coffee - buy in Jerusalem

To buy light roast coffee, just choose the variety that suits you. Go to the coffee page and select "light roast" in the parameters. Once payment has been made, the coffee will be packaged and sent to you.

Does light roast coffee mean less caffeine?

Contrary to popular belief, the level of caffeine in coffee is not determined by the roast level. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is primarily influenced by the variety of coffee bean and the brewing method. While light roasts often have a more delicate flavor profile, their caffeine content remains comparable to darker roasts. So, if you enjoy a lighter roast, rest assured that you're not sacrificing caffeine content for a milder taste.

If you order light roast coffee to an address in Jerusalem, delivery is expected within three days and is free for orders above 100₪ (additional 30₪ for orders below 100₪).
Deliveries outside of Jerusalem may take up to 15 days. Orders above 100₪ are free (additional 20₪ for orders below 100₪).
Express post deliveries are expected to arrive within a week and are charged 49₪.

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