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Ethiopia Sidamo or Sidamo Coffee - pic1 | אתיופיה סידמו קפה

Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee


Ethiopia Sidamo or Sidamo Coffee

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    Strength                -  7/10

    Acidity                    -   1/5 

    Sweetness            -    2/5

    Bitterness             -    0/5

    Sourness               -    0/5

    Body                        -   4/5

    Texture                   - Silky/Velvety

    recomendation   - All Preparation Methods

    Ethiopia Sidamo is a coffee Full of aromas, flavours and has a rich & full body. most Sidamo coffees are complex with a rich mouthfeel, subtle fruity & caramel-like sweet undertones, and come with a bright, clean finish. 

    Light roasted Ethiopia Sidamo coffee has a more pronounced fruitiness and becomes enhanced in its bright and clear taste while still maintaining its full-bodied nature.

    Dark roasted Ethiopia sidamo coffee intensifies in taste and texture adding a smokiness to the complex tastes. making it well suited for Paper Filter & French Press preparation methods.

    Ethiopia Sidamo or Sidamo Coffee is freshly roasted and sealed to provide a rich and delicate experience straight to our customers.


    If you order Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee in Jerusalem delivery is expected within three days.

    25₪ for Delivery on orders bellow 140₪.

    Free Delivery on Orders above 140₪.

    Express Delivery 53₪

    Outside of Jerusalem, to cities such as Tel Aviv, Beer Sheva and others, delivery price depend on weight and distance. Also delivery is expected within one week.

    International Delivery: 

    costs are calculated by weight.

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