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Indian Arabica - Green Coffee Beans - Unroasted | ערביקה הודית - פולי קפה ירוקים - לא קלויים

Indian Arabica - Green Coffee Beans


Indian Arabica - Green Coffee Beans - Unroasted

  • About Indian Bola Green Coffee Beans

    Our Indian Bola is grown in the southern region of India, where the climate and altitude are ideal for coffee cultivation. The lush greenery and rich soil of these regions contribute to the unique taste and quality of this delicious nutty Arabica! 

    What is an Arabica coffee? The term "Arabica" refers to the species of coffee plant that produces these coffee beans. Arabica coffee is known for its smooth flavor, aromatic qualities, and lower caffeine content compared to its counterpart, Robusta coffee. Our Indian Bola is an Arabica coffee.

    What about the flavor? 
    Our Indian Bola is a very nutty coffee! It is a very gentle coffee that matches perfectly with milk and plant based milks as well! As an espresso you will taste a nutty flavor with a herby feel. 
    This coffee is also great to do at home in your home espresso machine or in a moka pot. 

    If you're looking to purchase Indian green coffee beans in Israel, you're in luck. There are several options available for purchasing Indian Arabica green coffee beans. Our roasting house in Jerusalem, Jaffa St 78 carry a selection of Arabica beans, including our nutty Indian Bola. Additionally, you can find green coffee beans for sale online through our website.

    In conclusion, the Indian Bola - Green Coffee Beans are a flavorful and high-quality coffee option that is sure to enhance your daily coffee routine. Whether you're looking to purchase green coffee beans in Israel or simply want to learn more about this unique coffee variety, Indian Bola is a great choice for any coffee lover. Try them out today and experience the smooth flavor and aroma that these beans have to offer.

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