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Filter Coffee. 4 steps for the best coffee!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We use our Clever Dripper to prepare fine filtered coffee.

Four steps to make delicious filter coffee

Step 1. Place a paper filter in the dripper and rinse it with boiling water.

Let the water out after a few seconds.

Step 2. Add coarsely ground coffee, pour boiling water over the coffee with circular motion, making sure that you are wetting all the coffee grounds , then close the lid and let it brew for 4 minutes.

Step 3. Place the dripper on top of a cup to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds. The best part of the coffee brewing at the bottom will now flow down into the cup, leaving the grounds behind.

Step 4. Lift the dripper off the cup and the flow stops instantly.

How much coffee do you put in a filter coffee? What is the best ratio?

To prepare one cup of coffee, you need 20g of ground coffee and 300ml of hot water. Pour the ground coffee and let it brew for about 4 minutes. It is advised to adapt the ratio of coffee and water in proportions of 1:15-1:20.

What water temperature is best for filter coffee?

The water used to make filter coffee must remain 91°C-96°C or 195°F-205°F. To maintain the temperature, cover the dripper with a lid. At the beginning of the cooking process, rinse the mug with boiling water. If you follow all the stepped described earlier, you will get an excellent coffee filter!

What coffee grind works best for a filter?

If you want the best filter coffee, always select ground coffee for "Paper Filter". The grind shouldn't be too coarse, neither too fine - out of 10 levels of grind, we select 6.5 in our coffee shop's grinder. Although already grind coffee is very convenient, we highly recommend that you freshly grind your coffee at home. Investing in a home coffee grinder will give you a unique experience of delicious fresh coffee smell in the morning, it will optimize the flavors of your coffee and enable you to keep your coffee beans fresh for a longer time!

Video: How to make filter coffee

Best coffee beans for filter coffee

We recommend the following coffee beans for making filter coffee: Bogota Blend, Colombian Coffee, Ethiopian Paradise Blend, Papua New Guinea Coffee.

You can buy coffee beans specially ground for coffee filters on our website.

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