Strength                -  6/10

Acidity                    -   1/5 

Sweetness            -    2/5

Bitterness             -    0/5

Sourness               -    0/5

Body                        -   1/5

Texture                   - Fresh/Velvety 

recomendation   - All Preparation Methods


Kilimanjaro a coffee from Tanzania; sweet and chocolatey with an undertone of wild berries. Its fresh and velvety mouthfeel really shines together with the light body to bring out its underlying sweet molasses and floral notes.


dark roasted Kilimanjaro really delivers in its natural sweetness and increases its body from light to rich and heavy. This really caters to the preparation of Paper Filter or French Press making it a top seller for those preparation methods.


    Our Coffee is freshly roasted and sealed to provide a rich and delicate experience straight to our customers.

    this allows for a full and rich brewed coffee experience indulging all of your senses.


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