Strength                -  7/10

Acidity                    -   3/5 

Sweetness            -    2/5

Bitterness             -    1/5

Sourness               -    1/5

Body                        -   3/5

Texture                   -   smooth/Velvety

recomendation   - All Preparation Method


Colombian coffee, a classic coffee known the world over. grown all over Colombia the aromas and tastes can vary depending on where it's grown from the north to the south each location brings its own flavour. but the overall feel of Colombian coffee remains the same. having a smooth and velvety texture with underlining chocolaty, nutty, and fruity flavours together with a hint of caramel; And to top it all off even some apple or berry tones. 


Dark roasted Colombian coffees exhibit a darker and more bold taste but maintaining it overall presence that we all love. dark Roasted Colombia is recommended for Paper Filter and French Press preparation methods. 


Colombia is Excellent, served both on its own (clean) or together with milk (or substitute).


    Our Coffee is freshly roasted and sealed to provide a rich and delicate experience straight to our customers.

    this allows for a full and rich brewed coffee experience indulging all of your senses.



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