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How do we roast coffee beans?

Yavi Ben Zvi, our coffee roaster, answers the questions.

Does roast coffee taste good?

The taste of coffee is very pleasant and delicious, but for young people it does take time to get used to it, as it can be quite strong for them.

How does roasting affect coffee?

When the beans are exposed to high temperatures the puff up, lose moisture and develop roasted notes, without this process they are unusable.

How do you roast green coffee beans?

With a high temperature, constant mixing or turning and good air ventilation. A specialized machine is preferred.

At what temperature do you roast your coffee beans?

It can very much depend, but usually between 170 to 230 celsius.

How long does it take you to roast coffee beans?

Typically 27 minutes per batch for our two kilo roaster.

Can you re-roast coffee beans?

Yes you can, but you must be careful not to burn it, as it is much more sensitive to heat on the second roast.

How does roasting coffee work?

Just like cooking, heat can change and develop the food and its taste, and so does coffee and the process of roasting it.

What does roasted coffee look like?

Coffee beans that are not roasted look like green small seeds, after the process of roasting they almost double in size, become brown in colour and more brittle. a strong line in the middle of the bean will always be present.

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