Uni Sara LTD is engaged in the marketing and roasting of coffee, and has been active since 2011 under the You Need Coffee brand.

Our lovely little cafe in the center of Jerusalem on 30 Jaffa Street combines a unique atmosphere, both European and Jerusalem.

In addition, another shop was opened in Jaffa 78, Jerusalem, which serves as a roastery and coffee shop.
We roast our coffee in the most fresh and quality place!

Roasted and premium coffee beans and ground coffee, fresh from all the famous Aravica varieties: Ethiopia Sido, Sumatra Calusi, Brazil Sardo, Colombia Supremo, Costa Rica Terezo, Guatemala Antigua, Indian Robusta.

You can also get organic coffee, decaffeinated coffee and a wide range of exquisite blends, especially for Preparing espresso, filter and black-Turkish coffee.


We also provide roasting and grinding services for all types of coffee, such as ground coffee for black coffee, ground coffee for espresso machine, ground coffee for makinata, ground coffee for filter, ground coffee for French Press and more.


We are happy to provide our customers with fast, professional and reliable service, free shipping and a telephone response to any problem.